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Our Story

Welcome to the Forty Second Brew Co. Website.  We are a local brewery out of Kingston, MA.  Neighbors Paul Schiele and Matt Ward started brewing beer as a hobby, enjoying cold ones on long summer days, and winter nights around the firepit.  After many neighborhood “sampling” sessions, they quickly realized they might be on to something bigger than just quenching their thirst.
In December of 2020 one of those “sampling” sessions by the firepit, unbeknownst to Matt and Paul, a collaboration began on ideas of a logo fitting of their creation.  Steve Darby (2TF Marketing) and Nia Tieu (Tieu Media) jumped on board to support marketing and brand strategy to bring their tasty brews to life!

The team quickly designed a logo and media presence.  Recipe development and constant brewing continued with the hope of serving small local businesses and beer aficionados.  Unfortunately, we ran into some hurdles when trying to obtain our licenses from the State and federal authorities.  Fast forward 16 months, we finally have our license.   We’re determined to grow and provide quality craft beer to the local market.  We hope you are as excited as we are!  Enjoy a cold one, we appreciate your patronage. ~ Forty Second Brew Co.

Meet The Team


Paul Schiele

CO-Founder / Brewer


Matt Ward

CO-Founder / Brewer


Stephen Darby

CO-Owner / Marketing & Branding


Nia Tieu

CO-Owner/ Design & Branding

About the Company: About the Company


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